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Seven Seasons 500ml Green Ant Gin

Green Ants are added before and after distillation to give this gin a citrusy pop. The addition of Boobialla brings coastal floral notes with a hint of sweetness; Strawberry Gum adds a touch of warm spice with Eucalyptus on the nose and Lemon Myrtle and Pepper Berry add depth to the base citrus profile.

Double Rock 350ml Connexion Tumbler

Modern vintage design to create a unique drinking experience and add a remarkable and fun style to your bar. Let your drink creation shine at night through a thick base and a crystal-like cut design. Expert size and classic straight shape with a thick wall give peace of mind for use and handling.

Swanky Socks

The Navy Multi Stripe Merino Wool Swanky Socks provide comfort without sacrificing style. Feel the difference in a pair of the most luxurious socks you will find. Crafted from fine merino wool they’re designed for long-lasting stylish comfort. A classic sock height that hits the mid-point of your lower leg.

Jala Jala Treats Wattleseed Mylk Chocolate

A creamy mylk chocolate, delicately flavoured with Australia’s native Wattleseed. This unique chocolate is a delicate balance of the smooth mylk chocolate and the lively pleasures of the Australian Bush, with the Wattleseed giving a nutty flavour. We are excited to say that this is Vegan Certified.


Some products may differ to pictures due to supplier demands.