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What's in the Box?

The Unexpected Guest Muesli

Award winning gluten free organic muesli packed with almonds, quinoa and juicy cranberries. Refined Sugar Free, Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free ingredients, Maple Syrup Flavour.

Jala Jala Treats Wattleseed Mylk Chocolate

Premium bush foods made from authentic Australian native products that are ethically sourced and sustainably harvested. These Choc Macadamias are a delicious smooth milk chocolate with a twist of lemon myrtle with the soft buttery centre of the macadamia.

BSKT Superfood Bar

BSKT superfood bars are a healthy snack made with local Indigenous native foods. Coming in either flavours of finger lime & coconut or choc Davidson plum, these fruits have been a staple in the diet of Indigenous people of Australia, for tens of thousands of years.

Indigiearth Lemon Myrtle & Finger Lime Balsamic

An elegant blend of Australian Lemon Myrtle, Finger Lime and Australian-grown olive oil creates an unparalleled vinaigrette that is perfect for salads, yet tantalizing enough to enjoy with a variety of other dishes. With its balanced and refreshing flavour, this premium balsamic brings a touch of sophisticated luxury to any dining experience.

Cooee Cookies

With each delicious bite Cooee Cookies takes you on a journey using cultural knowledge of native botanicals. Cookies that everyone can enjoy, bringing people together and fostering a kinder world for all. Flavours include sticky chai & Kakadu plum, choc chip & wattle seed, white choc & strawberry gum and triple choc & muntries.   

Figjam & Co

A second generation 100% Indigenous owned and operated, inspired by Australian native bush foods brining gourmet bush-fusion condiments bursting with real flavours and more than 90% Australian ingredients! With a variety of flavours that include Beetroot Relish with Anise Myrtle, Davidson Plum Paste, Pigface Mustard Pickle, Bush Ghanoush Tapenade, and Tomato and Purslane Relish.


Some products may differ to pictures due to supplier demands.